Ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic stands

V mesecu aprilu izkoristite -12% popust na izbrana modela Ergos STUDY in Ergos STANDARD.

Free trial of ERGOS chairs


Try Ergos Chairs at Home or in Your Office

Take advantage of unique free professional consultation

We advise you on which ERGOS chair would be most suitable for you based on your physical characteristics. Once you choose the most appropriate one, you can test it for up to 7 days completely free and non-binding to purchase.

Free Professional Consultation

Get advice on how to arrange your workstation according to ergonomic principles

We can advise you on how to arrange your sedentary workstation according to ergonomic principles to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, if you provide us with:

  • a picture of your workstation
  • the most common use of office supplies: keyboard, mouse, document, notebook, book, tablet, phone, binder, pen, etc.
  • your height
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Book a Free Trial

Fill out the form to secure a free trial of ERGOS chairs.

We are happy to send you the selected chair for a completely non-binding trial. This offer is valid for companies purchasing at least 5 chairs.

Shipping costs are charged per item, according to the current price list of Pošta Slovenija. After the one-week trial, you can either keep the chair and we will issue you an invoice, or return it at your own expense.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Austria: 26,92 €

Belgium: 50,29 € 

Bulgaria: 149,25 € 

Croatia: 15,39 € 

Czech Republic: 39,52 € 

Denmark: 89,99 € 

Estonia: 61,45 € 

Finland: 85,34 € 

France: 81,21 € 

Germany: 28,53 € 

Greece: 85,60 € 

Hungary: 28,53 € 

Ireland: 85,07 € 

Italy: 44,35 € 

Latvia: 142,67 € 

Lithuania: 144,86 € 

Luxemburg: 75,44 € 

Netherlands: 75,44 € 

Norway: 129,86 € 

Poland: 87,80 € 

Portugal: 73,83 € 

Romania: 116,33 € 

Slovakia: 44,26 € 

Slovenia: FREE shipping

Spain: 111,95 € 

Sweden: 96,57 € 


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